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Menacrypto is a new generation consulting company founded by the joint venture of a team with more than 15 years of experience in cryptoassets, banking, payment services and electronic money and competent in financial technology. Menacrypto has managed to bring together all the experts (including information systems auditors, blockchain software developers, token economics experts, lawyers, tax experts, certified public accountants, intellectual property rights experts) needed by a cryptoasset service provider. The platform has the competence to respond to all kinds of the client’s needs, especially regulatory consultancy, licensing and operational requirements. Menacrypto experts have supported/are supporting more than 50 fintech companies to date, including crypto exchanges. Menacrypto operates in a wide geography and provides services in areas including Turkey, Germany, Uk, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Estonia and Singapore. Menacrypto is your partner covering all your needs in cryptocurrency, blockchain and metaverse ecosystem with its outstanding expertise and experience.

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